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Tourist guide services around Hangzhou

    The West Lake of Hangzhou is regarded as the most beautiful one of all lakes in China. Honored by Marco Polo, the Italian tourist, as "the most beautiful and noble city in the world", Hangzhou has enjoyed a worldwide reputation for the feminity of its West Lake, the vastness of the Qiantang River and the tenderness of the Xixi Swamp.
    Located in the south of the Yangtze River Delta, on the western tip of the Hangzhou Bay, on the lower reaches of the Qiantang River and at the southern end of the Beijing - Hangzhou Canal, Hangzhou is a key city in the Yangtze River Delta and a transportation hub in the southeast of China. People usually would like to regard Hangzhou's West Lake and Geneva's Leman Lake as the two shining pearls of the east and west in the world, which shows the West Lake's pivotal role in Hangzhou's tourism industry.
    With its proximity to the West Lake, Approval Hotel offers you a convenient and easy access to the West Lake. Just image how you would enjoy yourself in a sunny or drizzling morning when you take a few minutes' drive along the West Lake Avenue and Nanshan Road to reach all places of interest of the Southern Traveling Line, including Orioles Singing in the Willows, World Under the Sea, Sunset Glow over Lei Feng Pagoda, Sweet Osmanthus Rain at Manjuelong Village, Tiger Paw Spring, etc.
    If you take the West Lake Avenue and then Hubin Road to Beishan Road, you can also reach all places of interest of the Northern Traveling Line, including Melting Snow on the Broken Bridge, Autumn Moon on the Calm Lake, Bai Causeway, Sudi Causeway, Twilight Cloud Round Precious Stone Hill, Yuefei Temple, Lotus in the Breeze at the Crooked Yard, the Plantation Garden and Lingyin Temple.
    You can also take a few minutes' walk by way of West Lake Avenue and Yan'an Road to reach Wushan Plaza and the street of ancient style for shopping of antiques and ancient snacks, drawings and calligraphy.
    You can also take the West Lake Avenue to reach Yan'an Road, the most bustling commercial street of Hangzhou, for fashion shopping where there is a collection of specialty food and beverages of Hangzhou and also the most renowned garment market and shopping malls. You will never afford to miss Wulin Female Garment Street, China's No. 1 Street for Female Garments, if you hope to be at the forefront of fashion.
Having enjoyed the beauty of the West Lake, it is recommended that you take about 3 hours' drive by Middle Jianguo Road, Northern Ring Road, Tianmushan Road and National Highway 320 to reach One-thousand-islands Lake that is honored by Mu Qing, the former Xinhua News Agency Director, as the "Most Beautiful Water in the World". You are sure to get enchanted by its beauty and regret not being born in the South.
Having fully enjoyed yourself in Hangzhou, you can take only a few minutes' walk to reach Chengzhan Railway Station by way of the West Lake Avenue. We are convinced of your satisfaction in our services and a good memory of your days in Hangzhou.



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