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    Zhejiang Approval Hotel is a 3-star comprehensive hotel oriented towards tourism and foreign guests from different parts of the world. Honored as the "terrestrial paradise" for long, Hangzhou aims to turn itself into an international tourism city. With the booming urban construction in recent years, overseas guests also name Hangzhou as a "city in flowers". The success of the West Lake Exposition here adds luster to its city image.
Approval Hotel is located at Chengzhan Plaza, the prosperous commercial, cultural and transportation center of Hangzhou. The hotel consists of three buildings of different architectural styles (main building, podium and western building) with 360 units of standard rooms and deluxe suites. Our Food and Beverage Dept. has both western and Chinese restaurants with 60-odd deluxe boxes that can accommodate over 1,500 guests simultaneously. Our Meeting Center has 14 meeting rooms of various sizes. We also have such entertainment and accessory facilities as nightclub, 40-odd deluxe KTV boxes, sauna center, foot fitness center, bridge and chess room, table tennis room, fitness center, stores, business center and beauty salon, etc. Our hotel is only 1km away from the West Lake, 15 minutes' drive from the airport and 5 minutes' walk from the Railway Station. We enjoy convenient transportation and well-established facilities and can offer you with the best services and an ideal choice during your traveling and conferences in Hangzhou.

    Places of interest nearby include: Qinghefang Pedestrian Street, former residence of Hu Xueyan, Wushan Plaza and the New Southern Tourism Line of the West Lake.
Shopping locations include: Yongjin Plaza, Jiebai Building, New Century Building and Yuanhua Shopping Center

    You can reach our hotel from each bus station via the following bus lines:
The terminal: Bus Line K508 → Chengzhan Railway Station (Approval Hotel is about 500m to its west)
Northern Bus Station: Bus Line K188 →Chengzhan Railway Station (Approval Hotel is about 500m to its west)
Southern Bus Station: Bus Line K39 → Chengzhan Railway Station (Approval Hotel is about 500m to its west)
Western Bus Station: Bus Line K49 and 149 →Chengzhan Railway Station (Approval Hotel is about 500m to its west)

    You can also take the civil aviation shuttle bus to our hotel: there is one shuttle bus service for each flight (airport →Wulinmen Civil Aviation Ticket Office with a bus stop at Chengnan Railway Station)

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